Quantitative Stock Analysis


Synertree uses quantitative methods to value stocks. Quantitative analysis provides insight into the historic performance of a specific stock and our platform system applies dividend & free cash flow & earnings DCF methods to value the stock, giving it an intrinsic value.

Quantitative intrinsic value is a standalone method for evaluating long-term investment because it provides the insight of the stock’s historical performances only. Therefore, it is important to understand both the stock’s fundamentals such as its management team, industry competitiveness, and geographical risks etc. Fundamental analysis requires market insights and industry knowledge. This is the part where we let investment advisors and managers to document their insights on their stock picks.

Synertree also includes technical analysis for security research analysis to generate market sentiments and their reflections on the stock price. Specifically, our system allows moving average testing and analysis to generate optimal entry and exit points for a stock.